Pepper Grinder BottleBottle Grinder, 2-Piece

Bottle Grinder, 2-Piece

by Norm Architects

From $109.95
JWDA Table LampJWDA Table Lamp
On sale

JWDA Table Lamp

by Jonas Wagell

$129.95 $269.95
Carrie Portable LED Lamp-Portable Lamp-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorCarrie Portable LED Lamp-Portable Lamp-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Carrie Portable LED Lamp

by Norm Architects

From $249.95
Torso Table Lamp, Portable-Portable Lamp-MENU Design ShopTorso Table Lamp, Portable

Torso Table Lamp, Portable

by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen

Bath Pedal Bin-Waste Bin-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Pedal Bin-Waste Bin-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Pedal Bin

by Norm Architects

From $269.95
Gridy Fungi Shelves-Wall Shelf-MENU Design ShopGridy Fungi Shelves-Wall Shelf-Gridy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Gridy Fungi Shelves

by Gridy

From $99.95
Marble Plinth-Plinth-MENU Design ShopMarble Plinth-Plinth-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Marble Plinth

by Norm Architects

From $1,595
Wire Base-Planter Stand-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorWire Base-Planter Stand-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Wire Base

by Norm Architects

From $59.95
Cast Pendant-Pendant-Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorCast Pendant-Pendant-Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Cast Pendant

by Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy

From $149.95
Interconnect Candle Holder-Candle Holders-MENU Design ShopInterconnect Candle Holder-Candle Holders-MENU Design Shop

Interconnect Candle Holder

by Colin King Studio

From $389.95
wine breather carafe menuWine Breather Carafe, Original

Wine Breather Carafe, Original

by Norm Architects

From $89.95
Menu Kettle TeapotKettle Glass Teapot by Norm Architects

Kettle Glass Teapot

by Norm Architects

From $79.95
Wine Breather Carafe MenuWine Breather Carafe, Deluxe by Norm Architects

Wine Breather Carafe, Deluxe

by Norm Architects

From $119.95
Bath Toilet Brush-Toilet Brush-Norm Architects-Powder Coated Black-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Toilet Brush-Toilet Brush-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Toilet Brush

by Norm Architects

Light'In Candle Set of 4-Candles-MENU Design ShopLight'In Candle Set of 4-Candles-MENU Design Shop

Light'In Candle Set of 4

by by Lassen

Afteroom Coat Hanger-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorAfteroom Coat Hanger-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Afteroom Coat Hanger

by Afteroom Studio

TR Bulb, Glossy Finish-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTR Bulb, Glossy Finish-Bulb-MENU Design Shop
On sale

TR Bulb, Glossy Finish, Dim-to-Warm

by Tim Rundle

$29.95 $139.95
Bath Toilet Roll Holder-Toilet Roll Holder-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Toilet Roll Holder-Toilet Roll Holder-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Toilet Roll Holder

by Norm Architects

Echasse Vase-Vase-MENU Design ShopEchasse Vase-Vase-MENU Design Shop

Echasse Vase

by Theresa Rand

From $239.95
Wire Pot, BlackWire Pot, Black

Wire Pot, Black

by Norm Architects

JWDA Table Lamp, Portable-Pendant-MENU Design ShopJWDA Table Lamp, Portable-Pendant-MENU Design Shop
On sale

JWDA Table Lamp, Portable

by Jonas Wagell

$99.95 $229.95
Torso Table Lamp-Table Lamp-MENU Design ShopTorso Table Lamp-Table Lamp-Kroyer-Saetter-Lassen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Torso Table Lamp

by Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen

Cast Sconce Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorCast Sconce Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Cast Sconce Wall Lamp

by Thomas Chung & Jordan Murphy

Umanoff Planter-Planter-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorUmanoff Planter-Planter-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Umanoff Planter

by Arthur Umanoff

$79.98 $159.95
Stance VaseStance Vase

Stance Vase

by Colin King Studio LLC

From $249.95
Wing, Table LampWing, Table Lamp

Wing, Table Lamp

by Kenneth Bergenblad

Bath Toilet Brush, Wall-Toilet Brush-MENU Design ShopBath Toilet Brush, Wall-Toilet Brush-Norm Architects-Powder Coated Black-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Bath Toilet Brush, Wall

by Norm Architects

$69.97 $109.95
Bath Soap Pump-Soap Pump-Norm Architects-Powder Coated Black-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Soap Pump-Soap Pump-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Bath Soap Pump

by Norm Architects

$59.47 $84.95
Light'In Candle HolderLight'In Candle Holder

Light'In Candle Holder

by Soren Lassen

From $169.95
Bath Wiper-Shower Wiper-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Wiper-Shower Wiper-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Bath Wiper

by Norm Architects

$83.97 $119.95
Afteroom Coat Hanger, Small-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorAfteroom Coat Hanger, Small-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Afteroom Coat Hanger, Small

by Afteroom Studio

Fragilis BowlFragilis Bowl

Fragilis Bowl

by Cecilia Armand

JWDA Table Lamp, Portable-Pendant-MENU Design ShopJWDA Table Lamp, Portable-Pendant-MENU Design Shop
On sale

JWDA Table Lamp, Portable, Special Offers

by Jonas Wagell

$99.95 $229.95
Echasse Bowl-Decorative Bowl-MENU Design ShopEchasse Bowl-Decorative Bowl-Theresa Rand-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Echasse Bowl

by Theresa Rand

From $119.95
Bath Towel Bar-Towel Bar-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Towel Bar-Towel Bar-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Towel Bar

by Norm Architects

Reverse Table Lamp-Table Lamp-MENU Design ShopReverse Table Lamp-Table Lamp-Aleksandar Lazic-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Reverse Table Lamp

by Aleksandar Lazic

G9 LED Bulb, Dimmable-Bulb-MENU A/S-G9 LED-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

G9 LED Bulb, Dimmable


Hashira High Floor Lamp, Off WhiteHashira High Floor Lamp, Off White
On sale

Hashira High Floor Lamp, Off White

by Norm Architects

$374.98 $919.95
Bottle Carafe w/ Brass LidBottle Carafe, 34 oz

Bottle Carafe, 34oz

by Norm Architects

TR Bulb, Pendant-Pendant-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTR Bulb, Pendant-Pendant-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

TR Bulb, Pendant

by Tim Rundle

From $199.95
Tribeca Walker Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-Soren Rose Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTribeca Walker Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-Soren Rose Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
Coming Soon

Walker Wall Lamp

by Soren Rose Studio

$99.95 $399.95
Androgyne Side Table-Side Table-MENU Design ShopAndrogyne Side Table-Side Table-MENU Design Shop

Androgyne Side Table, 16.5in

by Danielle Siggerud

From $419.95
TR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTR Bulb-Bulb-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

TR Bulb, Matte Finish

by Tim Rundle

Turning Table-Side Table-Theresa Rand-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTurning Table-Side Table-Theresa Rand-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Turning Table

by Theresa Arns

TR Bulb, Ceiling/Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-Tim Rundle-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorTR Bulb, Ceiling/Wall Lamp-Wall Lamp-MENU Design Shop

TR Bulb, Ceiling/Wall Lamp

by Tim Rundle

From $249.95
Franklin Chandelier, BrassFranklin Chandelier, Brass
On sale

Franklin Chandelier, Brass

by Soren Rose Studio

$149.95 $749.95
Bath Soap Pump, Wall-Soap Pump-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Soap Pump, Wall-Soap Pump-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Bath Soap Pump, Wall

by Norm Architects

$34.95 $79.95
Umanoff Side Table-Side Table-MENU Design ShopUmanoff Side Table-Side Table-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Umanoff Side Table

by Arthur Umanoff

From $899.95

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