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Large Frame with Door


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Frame 11 is a flexible storage solution consisting of a square module in a cubistic frame. The simple storage system is inspired by the Kubus candleholder by Mogens Lassen, based on strict mathematical formulas and designed with the greatest precision. The Frame modules are available in four sizes: 11, 14, 17, and 20, for use in countless contexts. The modules can be hung directly on the wall or stand on their own on the floor. Combine the Frame modules to create a classic bookcase, a nightstand, a room divider or something else entirely. The possible combinations are endless. The Frame modules are available with or without doors, shelves and drawers, making sure that you can design the perfect storage solution to match your needs for organization and storage. This variant is a classic Frame 20 module without doors and shelves. The entire Frame collection is manufactured and assembled by hand in Denmark. It is a collection that truly unites functionality, quality and aesthetics.

  • Frame 11: 11.03'' H x 11.03'' W x 11.03''L, Weight: 11.8 lbs.
  • Frame 14: 13.78'' H x 13.78'' W x 13.78''L, Weight: 20.95 lbs.
  • Frame 17: 16.54'' H x 8.27'' W x 16.54''L, Weight: 23.15 lbs.
  • Frame 20: 19.3'' H x 16.54'' W x 19.3''L, Weight: 33.08 lbs.

  • Steel, oak

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