wine breather carafe menuWine Breather Carafe, Original

Wine Breather Carafe, Original

by Norm Architects

From $69.95
Balcony Serving Tray-Serving Tray-MENU Design ShopBalcony Serving Tray-Serving Tray-MENU Design Shop

Balcony Serving Tray

by Mentze Ottenstein

Pepper Grinder BottleBottle Grinder, 2-Piece

Bottle Grinder, 2-Piece

by Norm Architects

From $99.95
Triptych Bowl-Bowl-MENU Design ShopTriptych Bowl-Bowl-MENU Design Shop

Triptych Bowl

by Mentze Ottenstein

From $44.95
Taper BowlTaper Bowl

Taper Bowl

by Colin King Studio LLC

Ignus Flameless CandleIgnus Flameless Candle

Ignus Flameless Candle


From $59.95
Relevé PlatterRelevé Platter

Relevé Platter

by Colin King Studio LLC

Wine Breather Carafe MenuWine Breather Carafe, Deluxe by Norm Architects

Wine Breather Carafe, Deluxe

by Norm Architects

From $114.95
Rond BowlRond Bowl

Rond Bowl

by Colin King Studio LLC

Bottle Carafe w/ Brass LidBottle Carafe, 34 oz

Bottle Carafe, 34oz

by Norm Architects

Strandgade Carafe-Carafe-MENU Design ShopStrandgade Carafe-Carafe-MENU Design Shop

Strandgade Carafe

by Mentze Ottenstein

From $74.95
Strandgade, Drinking Glass (2pcs)-Drinking Glass-MENU Design ShopStrandgade, Drinking Glass (2pcs)-Drinking Glass-MENU Design Shop

Strandgade, Drinking Glass (2pcs)

by Mentze Ottenstein

From $28.95
Strandgade Stem Vase-Vases-MENU Design ShopStrandgade Stem Vase-Vases-MENU Design Shop

Strandgade Stem Vase

by Mentze Ottenstein

Yana Brewing Pot-Brewing Pot-MENU Design ShopYana Brewing Pot-Brewing Pot-MENU Design Shop

Yana Brewing Pot

by Mentze Ottenstein

Abacus, Candle Holder-Candle Holder-MENU Design ShopAbacus, Candle Holder-Candle Holder-MENU Design Shop

Abacus, Candle Holder

by Mentze Ottenstein

From $33.95
Etruscan Pitcher-Pitcher-MENU Design ShopEtruscan Pitcher-Pitcher-MENU Design Shop

Etruscan Pitcher

by Mentze Ottenstein

From $199.95
Etruscan Jug-Jug-MENU Design ShopEtruscan Jug-Jug-MENU Design Shop

Etruscan Jug

by Mentze Ottenstein

NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2
On sale

NNDW Cup w/Handle, Set of 2

by Norm Architects

$48.97 $69.95
NNDW Fruit Bowl, 1pcs.-Dinnerware-MENU Design ShopNNDW Fruit Bowl, 1pcs.-Dinnerware-MENU Design Shop

NNDW Fruit Bowl, 1pcs.

by Norm Architects

NNDW Footed BowlNNDW Footed Bowl

NNDW Footed Bowl

by Norm Architects

Byasa Napkin-Napkin-MENU Design ShopByasa Napkin-Napkin-MENU Design Shop

Byasa Napkin

by Mentze Ottenstein

Cressida Napkin-Napkin-MENU Design ShopCressida Napkin-Napkin-MENU Design Shop

Cressida Napkin

by Mentze Ottenstein + Rosholm


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