Bluring the Line Between Indoors & Outdoors

Plants and green spaces enhance not only our homes, but also our lives.

To that end, we have created a collection of beautiful and useful objects for green-fingered gardeners.

Whether tending to houseplants or cultivating a green oasis from scratch, the collection’s vases, planters, oil lanterns and gardening tools have been designed to provide maximum function with minimum fuss.

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Tools and planters designed to ensure your plants are watered correctly.

The Hydrous Collection offers beautiful and practical design to aid in watering your indoor and outdoor plants. Clever, considered details and elegant materials help your houseplants to thrive.

Hydrous Collection
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Watering Sticks

Plant Mister

Watering Can


Hana was inspired by ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging.

A set of two vases designed to propagate plant cuttings or sprout larger seeds, the Cresco Propagation Vases let nature take centre stage

Propagation & Arrangement
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Cresco Propagation Vase, set of 2

Hana Vase

Reactive glazes add colour and texture to each planter

Shaped from natural materials, many of which have been finished by hand, each item has a unique look and feel

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Daiza Planter

Plantas Planter

Meira Oil Lantern

Wooden details addwarmth to cool metal. Hand-etched patterns add tactility.

Exclusive collaboration with Spanish toolmakers, Pallarès, a collection of gardening hand tools. Fusing craft with modern design, the practical and beautiful utensils make light work of gardening.<

Pallarès x MENU
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Garden tools, set of 3