wine breather carafe menuWine Breather Carafe, Original

Wine Breather Carafe, Original

by Norm Architects

From $59.95
Wire Base-Planter Stand-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorWire Base-Planter Stand-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Wire Base

by Norm Architects

From $59.95
Gridy Fungi Shelves-Wall Shelf-MENU Design ShopGridy Fungi Shelves-Wall Shelf-Gridy-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Gridy Fungi Shelves

by Gridy

From $69.95
Wire Pot, BlackWire Pot, Black

Wire Pot, Black

by Norm Architects

Wine Breather Carafe MenuWine Breather Carafe, Deluxe by Norm Architects

Wine Breather Carafe, Deluxe

by Norm Architects

From $99.95
Umanoff Candle Holder-Candle Holder-MENU Design ShopUmanoff Candle Holder-Candle Holder-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Umanoff Candle Holder

by Arthur Umanoff

Phare Portable LED Lamp, Black-Portable Lamp-Stanislaw Czarnocki-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorPhare Portable LED Lamp, Black-Portable Lamp-Stanislaw Czarnocki-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Phare Portable LED Lamp, Black

by Stanislaw Czarnocki

$99.95 $229.95
Umanoff Planter-Planter-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorUmanoff Planter-Planter-Arthur Umanoff-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Umanoff Planter

by Arthur Umanoff

From $149.95
Afteroom Coat Hanger-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorAfteroom Coat Hanger-Coat Hanger-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Afteroom Coat Hanger

by Afteroom Studio

From $169.95
Rail Shelf-Wall Shelf-MENU Design ShopRail Shelf-Wall Shelf-MENU Design Shop

Rail Shelf

by Keiji Ashizawa

Levitate Pendant-Pendant-MENU Design ShopLevitate Pendant-Pendant-Afteroom Studio-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor
On sale

Sage Green, Levitate Pendant

by Afteroom Studio

$249.95 $499.95
Table lamps JWDAJWDA Table Lamp

JWDA Table Lamp

by Jonas Wagell

From $269.95
Umanoff, Pendant-Pendant-MENU Design ShopUmanoff, Pendant-Pendant-MENU Design Shop
On sale

Umanoff, Pendant

by Arthur Umanoff

$349.97 $499.95
Interconnect Candle Holder-Candle Holders-MENU Design ShopInterconnect Candle Holder-Candle Holders-MENU Design Shop

Interconnect Candle Holder

by Colin King Studio

From $369.95
Plinth ShelfPlinth Shelf-Wall Shelf-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Plinth Shelf

by Norm Architects

From $489.95
Bath Towel Ladder-Towel Ladder-Norm Architects-Powder Coated Black-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorBath Towel Ladder-Towel Ladder-Norm Architects-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Bath Towel Ladder

by Norm Architects

The Eclipse Desk-Office Desk-MENU Design ShopThe Eclipse Desk-Office Desk-MENU Design Shop

The Eclipse Desk


Knitting Chair-Lounge Chair-Ib Kofod-Larsen-Lounge Height (Seat 11.8in H)/Dark Oak-0311 Antilop/Dakar-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decorKnitting Chair-Lounge Chair-Ib Kofod-Larsen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Knitting Chair

by Ib Kofod-Larsen

From $2,994.95
Knitting Chair, Sheepskin Upholstery-Lounge Chair-MENU Design ShopKnitting Chair, Sheepskin Upholstery-Lounge Chair-Ib Kofod-Larsen-menu-minimalist-modern-danish-design-home-decor

Knitting Chair, Sheepskin Upholstery

by Ib Kofod-Larsen

From $4,294.95

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